One on one or small group instruction is Mitch’s specialty and the right equipment and the best conditions for your level are always carefully considered when you’re starting out. Riding waves is the best part of surfing, but it’s only a small part of the whole experience.

Paddling consumes most of your watertime during a session, negotiating the breaking waves as you make your way out to the line up and maintaining your position against the current. Another major factor is to avoid getting run over by the other surfers, as well as you running over them. You also need to make sure that you are prepared physically and mentally, and that your equipment is in good shape, just like your body and mind.

Some of the things you will learn include being aware of where the best waves are breaking, where the other surfers are, and where you are in relation to all of this. You will learn to whip the board around, paddle fast enough to catch the wave, and get to your feet quickly, placing your feet correctly on the board, while bending your knees and using your hands for balance to ride that big skateboard to the beach. Now you’re surfing!

Besides learning how to catch and ride waves, you will learn about how surf is affected by the tides, wind, swell direction, and low & high pressure systems. You’ll also learn about Marine Life including fish, crabs, man-o-war, sharks, jellyfish, and rays. Regardless of your age, size, or agility, Mitch has the right equipment to have you surfing within minutes. To avoid a frustrating first experience, Mitch provides large, yet lightweight surfboards, making it very easy to get up and ride waves immediately. Since everyone learns at different rates, some stay on big boards for a while and others graduate to smaller boards in the first week. Remember, the goal is to have fun, and that is a guarantee.


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